From providing consulting to a fully integrated AI driven decisioning

platform, Aiydec can partner with your business in the best way towards AI based enterprise transformation.

Typically, we offer three streams of engagement :

AI Transformational Consulting

Starting your AI Journey ? Or

Want a review on your AI endeavors thus far?

we can perform a detailed gap analysis on

  • Data enhancement/ structuring,

  • predictive modeling

  • Strategy optimization or business use cases 

  • Business Intelligence & Visualization


Book an information session with us to explore

building individual components

we can undertake building :

  • Data Lakes and Data capture optimization 

  • Predictive models build including the latest machine learning based models

  • Specific AI use cases in business including

    • Decision optimization

    • Operational efficiency improvements 

    • Robotic process automation 

  • Business Intelligence and reporting 


Our AI driven decision platform is a plug and play solution for enterprise wide decision making across wide variety of businesses.

Our decision frameworks are easy to integrate solutions that can flexibly build on or independently challenge any pre-existing models/ strategies you may have.

Know More about our AI Platform

How are our products built : The techie stuff !

                     "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler" - Albert Einstein

AIYDEC has taken a simple yet robust approach to assemble together all the components required for embedding the most effective and efficient data driven decisioning at the enterprise level.  


Our self learning strategies/ models & data discovery are also available as individual modules and can build over any pre-existing data/ analytics infrastructure.


Self learning strategies

Self learning models 

Data discovery

  • AIYDEC Proprietary framework that uses 1) Deep Learning combined with Monte Carlo simulation  2) Reinforcement learning to optimize net returns within policy constraints 

  • Activity based costing models

  • Machine learning models for forecasting

  • Deep learning models for predicting behavior

  • Deep learning models for anomaly detection 

  • Proprietary AIYDEC explanatory stories for each model decision 

  • Data lake build (with governance at the core) to capture structured/ unstructured data

  • Speech to text 

  • Text mining 

  • Augment with external data


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