Build your own AI : Not just the best models, but also the best decisions


AIYDEC           is an Integrated AI Platform that powers enterprises with fastest & most effective path from data to business decisions. Our cloud based platform can easily integrate into legacy decision engines.
  • No need to code or design models.

  • Business experts can use it as easily as technical (analytics’) experts.

  • Different approaches for AI based decision making for thin/ thick historic data availability. 

  • Directly produce optimal decisions (within business constraints) and integrate them to your CRM/ Decision Engines.  

  • Easily add/ delete data sources to harness in business decision making.

  • Self-train models and strategies with low analyst maintenance.

  • Track the business value add of each implementation using the governance suite. 

  • Data/ Model/ Strategy governance suite ensures data quality, security, model and strategy quality and decision explainability.

  • Automated reports for ongoing tracking of data/ models/ decisions.

  • Add substantial business value over using other traditional machine learning approaches.


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