Our vision is to embed customer centric self learning decision frameworks in organizations

AI to create win/ win scenarios

for the customer and the

business alike

We see our mission as maximizing the value of customer strategies by leveraging on cutting edge data technologies across businesses.


Artificial intelligence has been around for a number of years. However, its more recent avatar, which combines the three aspects of faster computer processing power, availability of big data and algorithmic improvements in machine learning creates a unique new transformation opportunity for customers and organizations.


Our founders through their years of experience in using data/ analytics in the industry identify the main pain points in organizations as not being data ready and not being able to drive demonstrable business value from data.This is where AIYDEC steps in. We are here to serve organizations unlock the full value of their data. Our platform, Zinia enables building machine learning models and self learning strategies (AI) for organizations at their high value decision points. It builds AI that is modular, standardized, easy to implement/ monitor and very demonstrable in value proposition. 

We believe that the  data technology will continue improving and the entire spectrum of machine learning/ AI will be democratized for consumers and organizations alike. So we focus on where it matters most for the businesses; decision making. Zinia uses most advanced data technologies within a decision framework that lets business build and deploy AI  to optimize their business objectives.





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